The Selling Your Own Home Checklist

A smooth sequence of events

Process The Home Selling Checklist

  • Be organised
  • Get a professional team on board
  • Optimise your sale potential
  • Create a smooth process

Arrange for a pre-listing home inspection to ascertain what maintenance needs to be done to assist the selling process. Have a consultation with your realtor to implement a sales plan. If a realtor isn’t recommend to you, perhaps interview up to three of them to find the right person.

The Home Selling Checklist (PDF Available)

  • During the listing meeting, discuss with the realtor the marketing plan and market comparables to evaluate if you’re comfortable with the suggested listing price recommended by the realtor.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your marketing plan and listing price, sign an MLS contract to create an agency agreement and complete the relevant paperwork with the realtor.
  • Arrange a day for other agents to view your property so that they’re familiar with the property.
  • Presentation of offers, which could include price, terms, financing, possession date, inclusion/exclusion of repairs, fixtures and equipment.
  • Your agent negotiating the best offer for you.
  • Offer acceptance – perhaps with subject clauses.
  • Hire a lawyer or notary and discuss completion documents and transfer of title with them.
  • The purchaser will probably want to arrange a home inspection.
  • Your realtor will work with the buyer’s agent to satisfy any subject clauses.
  • A sold sign is put up outside your property.
  • Arrange for a moving company, arrange for your mail to be forwarded, cancel accounts for insurance, phone, and utilities.
  • Completion day – your lawyer and the buyer’s lawyer will arrange transfer of title. The transfer of funds will be deposited to your lawyer’s account. There will be a verification of the offer-to-purchase.
  • Your realtor delivers the keys to the buyer on the possession date.