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Thermal imaging Infrared cameras for home inspections

Infrared Home Inspections With Thermal Imaging Cameras

Using Infrared Thermal Imaging for Home Inspections Anyone can buy and use an infrared thermal imaging camera. Many Licensed Home Inspectors are using infrared cameras as part of a home inspection.  The term for using infrared cameras and correctly interpreting the results is known as “Infrared Thermography”.  As Thermal Imaging equipment improves and comes down […]

Checking Your Attic For Mould

Remember to check your attic!! Checking your attic should form part of a routine house maintenance program. The attic is a great way of checking for roof leaks and doing this on a regular basis means that any leak will be detected before it can do major, and costly, damage to your roof structure. Especially […]

How To Unclog Your Gutters

Routine Maintenance – Clogged Gutters A building scientist once told me that 90% of wet basements and crawlspaces are caused by poor control of surface water runoff. The primary purpose of your roof is to shed water and it does this via the gutters (eaves troughs) and downspouts. As we leave fall and enter the winter […]

Monitor cracks in concrete

We’ve been getting some beautiful days recently, so take a few moments to walk around your home – carry out a visual inspection of the foundation, paths, steps and concrete sidewalks to ensure that no wintertime damage has occurred. While small cracks are nothing to worry about, if new ones appear and they seem to […]

Mould/mildew prevention in your attic space

Mould or mildew spores are everywhere but only develop if three conditions are met. They are: 1) A food source, usually the wood components; 2) The right temperature (40-140 degrees F); 3) Moisture. The easiest thing to control is moisture. The main source in the attic comes from moisture-laden air from the living space. It […]