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Monitor cracks in concrete

We’ve been getting some beautiful days recently, so take a few moments to walk around your home – carry out a visual inspection of the foundation, paths, steps and concrete sidewalks to ensure that no wintertime damage has occurred. While small cracks are nothing to worry about, if new ones appear and they seem to […]

Mould/mildew prevention in your attic space

Mould or mildew spores are everywhere but only develop if three conditions are met. They are: 1) A food source, usually the wood components; 2) The right temperature (40-140 degrees F); 3) Moisture. The easiest thing to control is moisture. The main source in the attic comes from moisture-laden air from the living space. It […]

Improve your attic insulation

If you are thinking of improving your attic insulation by using a “blown in” insulation product, remember to install baffles between each rafter or truss to maintain outside airflow from the soffits. If installing insulating batts or blankets, keep these away from the soffit areas to maintain airflow. Outside air flow in the attic is […]

Flexible plastic ducting

This material is frequently used to connect the dryer with the exterior so that warm moist air can be exhausted to the outside. It’s cheap and easy to use but I’m not a great fan of this material because the ridges can trap lint and severely restrict air flow. The photograph below shows excess plastic […]

Advice about vermiculite

What is it? Vermiculite is a granular material used as a loose fill insulation in homes. It was most prevalent in homes built during the 1950s and 1960s and is usually found in the attic. It was marketed under the brand name of Zonalite. What are the concerns? It was found that some vermiculite, specifically […]